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When I moved from Northern Alberta to the Fraser Valley in 2017 I was in pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. As it turns out, I found much more than that- but let’s start with what inspired me and drove me to shape the VJF vision .

Although  I was  fortunate enough to be one of those people that went to work everyday to a job that I enjoyed I still found myself needing more.

We often think our lives should be like a check list, great job ✅, get married ✅, have children✅, have a nice car✅, have a beautiful home ✅ Of course not in this order, but from the outside it would look like I had all these things and I should be so happy in life… right? …. wrong.

Even though I had all these things I still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t more money, better car, bigger house

It was my soul telling me this was not my purpose in life. In plain language I was fundamentally  not doing what I was put on this earth to do.  Until I stepped  into what I was  really here for I would continue to feel this emptiness inside.

So, I took a huge step and re-certified my fitness qualifications. I  then  fell in love with kickboxing and after attaining  my level 1,  I  immediately went back for level 2..

Along the way I  discovered  a huge passion for nutrition- it was always just a hobby, until I became a certified sports nutritionist and rediscovered how fulfilling it was to help people change their mindset and achieve results through the food they were eating.

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I wanted to create a place where you can come to feel accepted the minute you walk through our doors.One of the most common fears in anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle is the fear of walking into a gym for the first time ” I’m afraid of people staring at me”, “Im afraid of doing something wrong”, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do the workouts”. Removing those barriers  has  been a crucial intention of mine.  It’s essential that VJF is  where someone is there to meet  and walk you through your first workout so you leave with a sense of achievement.  A place where other clients have experienced the same fear and welcome you in. Its been very gratifying for me that over the last year my clients have started using the word “our” when describing the studio and I love that they feel comfortable enough to call it their own. So much so that  when we go ‘off site’ the VJF way of being  still exists,  transcending   the brick and mortar VJF studio.


I’m  frequently asked , “Are you a  Jillian Michaels kind of trainer?” I’m not kidding!! A common misconception is the trainer is always yelling and giving ridiculously hard workouts… I’m here to say- don’t believe everything you see on TV!!

I plan all the workouts specifically for you… that’s right I said for you! You as an individual- ll your imbalances and weaknesses as well as your strengths. The workouts are designed to make you strong. What does this mean? I don’t plan every workout to trash your body and tax the nervous system to the point of injury.  The goal is always to strengthen your body without making you do 50 burpees or 100 squats a session.

I value your time so I make the best use of it by utlilizing Metcon Training or Metabolic Conditioning. Translation – I want to make your body burn fat for long periods of time after the workout session is over. I do this by using a combination of free weights, rowing machine, bikes, sleds,TRX,  tires, slam balls, skierg, kickboxing…you name it, I have it!!

Will you do the same workouts over and over again? No way ! I’m always changing things up, so you will never so the same workout twice. I am always investing in new equipment  and new routines to keep the training boredom away.

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