9 Things You Should Know Before You Hike the Abby Grind

Are you ready to lace up those hiking shoes and give the Abby Grind a shot? 

British Columbia has so many trails throughout the lower mainland but this one is right in our backyard. Have you done the Abby Grind?

If you are debating whether or not to give this hike a try, here are 7 things you should know before you hike the Abby Grind.

Time of Year

The Abby Grind is a seasonal hike unless you have an ice pick and spiky shoes during the lower mainland winters. The best time to hit this trail is between May and September. This is a guideline because BC weather has a mind of its own and there has been times where the mountains are still covered in snow in early May. 

Along with time of year take a look at the weather. If there has been a lot of rain in the last few days, the hike will be muddy which means it can be slippery in places. 

Please make sure the trail is safe and you are equipped with the right gear before you head out.


Abby Grind is all incline. The overall Elevation gain is about 330 meters. The moment you step through the trail head you are immersed by beautiful British Columbia’s namesake; endless trees and greenery. 

You are climbing up the mountain from the start and it continues to get steeper the farther you go. Keep this in mind when setting your pace. Don’t burn all your energy on the first quarter because it does get harder.

My advice for first time hikers is to take breaks when you need but keep pushing ahead, you can do it. 

How Long Is the Abby Grind?

 The Abby Grind gives you an awesome workout in a short time. Depending on your fitness level getting to the top can take 30 minutes to 1 hour. The entire trail is about 4km from top to bottom. This doesn’t seem that bad but when you add in the Elevation gain your heart rate quickens just thinking about it. 

Heading back down the trail is tough in its own way because you’re going downhill, so be careful on those knees.

Do I need to be a seasoned hiker?

Do I need to be a seasoned hiker?

No, you don’t. This hike is challenging, and it will make you sweat but plan ahead, do your research and give it a shot! Plus, if you have a couple hours out of your day, you can complete this hike even if you are a beginner. This is not an all-day hike which makes it convenient for beginners. 

This hike is steep so wear supportive shoes and comfortable clothes but with some determination you will get to the top!

Can My Kids do the Abby Grind?

You can bring your kids on this hike, but you should keep a few things in mind before making that decision. 

If your child is really young and needs to be carried, ask yourself if are you able to hike a very steep trail carrying an extra 30 pounds? If the answer is no, then wait until they are older. 

For kids that you would not be carrying this is a great hike, but it is tough. Most kids have energy that us adults don’t have or know where they get it from. Some kids love the step hills, having to grab onto tree roots to pull themselves up to the next step. 

But this hike is steep, and I have heard kids asking if they were close to the top, when they were still only in the first quarter of the hike. 

If this is your first time on the hike and you are bringing your kids, I recommend having snacks and water and stop regularly if needed.

And the last option would be to try the hike yourself and see if it is something your child would enjoy or be capable of doing.

Stay Hydrated 

Each hiker will have a preference of carrying a water bottle, bringing a backpack or just leaving everything in the car for when you get back down.

If you have never done the Abby Grind before I recommend bringing a light backpack with water and a few snacks for the top. This hike will push your body to its limits because you are climbing such a steep path and it doesn’t let up until you get to the top. 

Keep Track While You Are Hiking the Abby Grind

One thing I enjoy about this hike is the markers. There are quarter markers nailed to trees throughout the hike which can help you keep track of how far you have gone, and how much longer you will suffer. I mean, enjoy the wild outdoors. 

The half way mark is a killer. This is the point where you think you can’t do it. After that hill your heart is pounding, your legs are sore but guess what? 

You are half way there!

This is the part where you push through the self-doubt and get to the top. 

Also, if someone does get hurt on the hike, being able to describe your location is very helpful when phoning for assistance. 

Bring an Encouraging Friend

When you are half way through the hike and your body is screaming at you for making it work this hard, there will be a little voice inside your head that will tell you to turn back. 

In that moment, you want to have someone with you that will tell you to keep going. A friend that will encourage you to put one foot in front of the other, when your mind wants to give up. 

If that voice is becoming too loud and you are just about to give up. Here are a few things you should do. 

  1. Stop. Stand off to the side if you can and take a look around. Look at the trees all around you. Breath in the clean air and see how far you have come. 
  2. Count. If your mind is constantly saying, to give up, to turn around or other negative thoughts. Drown that voice out by counting how many steps you take. Give yourself a goal of 10 – 15 steps. Concentrate on that goal and take a small breather every 10 steps. Then focus on the next 10, and the next. And before you know it, you will be at the top! 

The View

9 Things You Should Know Before You Hike the Abby Grind

After what felt like the steepest trek of your life, you get to the view. Take a moment, catch your breath and take it all in. 

I assure you the view is much better in person!

The feeling of accomplishment that rushes over you as you stare out at Abbotsford’s landscape is awesome. You set yourself a goal and you did it!

If you can’t find someone who wants to do this hike, get in touch with us! Here at Victoria Jane Fitness, we have groups that go up the Abby Grind trail together every week or so! 

You don’t have to do it alone and we are all about encouraging each other to reach our goals. 

The Abby Grind is tough, but it is also a beautiful hike that highlight’s BC’s outdoors. If you are looking for a shorter hike that will make you work, then the Abby Grind is for you!